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Family Relocation Companion

Welcome to Berlin, the capital of moving! Nowhere in Germany is more busy than in Berlin when it comes to moving in. Every day there are an average of 1548 moves here, and that's to say a German record.

What does the normal moving day look like? The Berlin Statistical Office show that in 2011 there were an average of 437 daily arrivals from Germany and abroad. At the same time, 326 Berliners packed their life to leave the city. In addition, 785 moves within the city limits. That means: The city grew daily in 2011 by 109 New Berliners. Most came from Brandenburg (daily 65), North Rhine-Westphalia (32) and Bavaria (22).

Berlin is also becoming increasingly popular abroad. Last year, 22 Poles went daily to Berlin, 20 Canadians and Americans, 14 Bulgarians and 136 foreigners from another 70 states. Nearly 200 daily new Berliners. Talking about multicultural environment, it's no other than Berlin.

As of 31 December 2016, a total of 676,741 foreign residents lived in Berlin, including 21,823 stateless persons, persons of undeclared citizenship or no nationality.

People from about 190 countries call Berlin home and make this city a truly international metropolis.

Special Education

Coming to Berlin from a different country can be exciting but also met with some trepidation: What are the cultural differences? Will we find 'our place'? A family with a child with learning challenges or special educational needs will need to see doctors, the SPZ and/or the KJGD (Kinder- und Jugend Gesundheitsdienst). I can arrange all of these important meetings for you, help to prepare for the meetings and obviously also come with you for language and moral support. Once the first steps are complete, we will go and find the right daycar or school for your child. 

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Leaving Berlin

Are you ready for the next big adventure? Let me help you smooth the way for you, paper-work wise at least.

We will have an initial meeting to go through a list of items I need from you and once I have all papers, I will start getting you deregistered and terminate existing contracts and agreements on your behalf so that you can concentrate on what's coming. 

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