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Kita Search FAQ

Why should we hire a Kita search service?

Kita search in Berlin is one of the most annoying things a parent has to do. It takes time, energy and a lot of frustration. We take this burden off your shoulders and search for the right Kita in your place, so you can relax.

Why should we hire you, and not other Kita search services?
We have a different approach to Kita applications. We have a large database of KiTas in Berlin, and we use it in order to build a specific list for each child. We also provide monthly follow-up and the parents receive a report in a spreadsheet. We see ourselves as a very active addition to your own kita search.

Are you going to put us on waiting lists?

Yes, even though we do not trust them and continue to contact these kitas. 

Do you send us to open-house days and/or group meetings?

We obviously aim to schedule only private meetings when we already talked to the manager of the Kita, and the spot is saved for your child. But if we see a real chance of getting a spot in these bigger events, we do send you to public/group meetings. 

What if we ask you to include international KiTas in the list?

We do not include international KiTas in any list. Please note that international KiTas are English-only speaking KiTas, such as BCS, BMS, JFK etc. We will be happy to include bi-lingual KiTas in the list, and make them top-priority if you are interested.

How long it takes until you find a Kita spot?

We cannot guarantee any time frame. It might take 4 hours, 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months. No one is able to give a time frame. 

What packages do you offer, and what are the prices?

Our packages are by a number of KiTas. The basic package can be up to 50 KiTas, and the gold package can be 200 KiTas. The prices are different for each package. For more information, you can contact us.

From what age of the child can we start the process?

Minimum age of the child should be 18 months old at the desired entrance date to the Kita.

We take cases maximum 4 months before desired entrance date to the Kita (i.e. not a year before, or 5 months before).

We have 2 (or more) children, both in need for a Kita spot. Do we get 2 at a price of 1?

Siblings can be included in the same package, as long as we apply for all together, in one letter. Searching separately has to be through another package.

Can we apply for a Kita spot before we move to Berlin?

You should be in Berlin physically at least from sending e-mails stage since you have to be available for Kita meetings. This is also important due to Kita-Gutschein, which you need in order to sign a contract with the Kita. You can get the Gutschein only with Anmeldung (registration) in Berlin.

That said, it is possible to apply if the family does not live in Berlin yet, but coming for a preview visit.

Can you help with the Kita-Gutschein?

Yes, of course. An extra fee will be charged.

We do not speak German. Do you provide translation services for the first meeting?

Our ‘accompany to meeting’ (extra) service is not only translation service. Our people are well-acquainted with the process, know to ask the right questions and to guide you through the meeting. It is also possible to hire us to accompany you for the contract signing meeting if needed.